Legacy Award Recipient's

Non-Profits That We Support

Moonstone Arts Center


Moonstone Arts Center is both a Pre K School and education outlet for history programs and support of the arts in the form of poetry, prose, fiction, and nonfiction. For over twenty five years Moonstone Arts Pre-School has gained a reputation for being an outstanding school.
Last year Philadelphia spoke to Moonstone's approach and reputation reporting that the school has had a huge waiting list for a long time and that many of the children who went through the school are now sending their children. Larry Robin has been running poetry,
writing, citywide history education programs across Philadelphia through Robin's book store.
These programs are now based and very much in demand across the city.    

House of Umoja


The House of Umoja is credited with ending what was known as territorial gang warfare in Philadelphia in the 1970s. For this ten year effort they have been recognized by three presidents Carter, Reagan and Clinton. After gang wars had died out over 3000 boys
went through the House of Umoja which was also IGIOWII as Boys TOWII. Throughout the years of working with young people and problem-solving social and community problems much wisdom was acquired for helping in these efforts. The House of Umoja
continues to run programs such as the million fathers' march where fathers walk their children to school, green education programs and much more. Right now the House of Umoja is trying to rebuild their houses and create a learning center and institute. We will help fund specific projects. They are now waiting for a matching state grant.    

One Step Away


One Step Away is Philadelphia’s street newspaper, produced and distributed by people experiencing homelessness. Founded by Resources for Human Development in 2009, One Step Away provides meaningful income and a voice of advocacy for people working to break the cycle of homelessness. One Step Away works with an average of 75 individuals each month – 75 percent report that One Step Away is their only source of income, and 82 percent of One Step Away vendors were able to attain or maintain housing with the income earned by working at the program.  In 2010, former light heavyweight Matthew Saad Muhammad began working with One Step Away as spokesperson and host of One Step Away’s annual fundraiser, Knock Out Homelessness. With Matthew’s help, that event raised enough money each year to help One Step Away sustain and expand operations, offering opportunities for personal growth and meaningful income to more people working to break the cycle of homelessness.    

The Veterans Group


The Veterans Group operates two homes in the University City section of Philadelphia, PA. Their homes provide shelter for up to 41 men, providing them with a roof over their head, warm meals, and a variety of programs and services. The Veteran’s Group mission is to empower Veterans in need to achieve success in civilian society. They accomplish this by developing individualized plans for each resident while providing a family-like community of support and care. What the group calls its 360˚ model is carefully crafted to position veterans for sustained success. The group offers everything, from fulfillment of basic needs to assistance in obtaining higher education and employment, all in one place 

The Veteran’s Group 

3209 Baring Street 

Philadelphia PA. 19104.      

National Federation of Black Veterans Network


The National Federation of Black Veterans Network was started by a veteran in 2008. The group is open to all veterans whatever color. Veterans are invited to monthly meetings. They get help with reconnecting to their community. They are given counselling with problems they maybe facing and benefits they may be entitled to. The organization provides health fares and is a dependable resource to veterans who need their services. Services the group cannot provide they have partners who they refer veterans to.  The National Federation of Black Veterans Network America www.nfbvn.net 


Veterans in Public Service


Veterans in Public Service was established by Vietnam Vets in 1968. For much of that time they were based at Temple University. They have assisted Veterans in helping them get the benefits they deserve helping with groups and training and assisting veterans in obtaining teacher degrees. Since 1968 Veterans in Public Service has assisted over 5000 veterans and 150 veterans have become successful teachers and principals after coming into contact with the program. Veterans who have been serviced by these graduates have also become professionals themselves, achieving doctorate and related degrees, community leaders, community role models, ministers, lawyers, and a host of other professionals. Graduates from this organization remain committed to assisting veterans by establishing a veterans’ fraternity on Temple’s campus to assist veterans currently enrolled at Temple University.